Waterloo Festival, 2018

London Group curated exhibition, invited artist


"My heart, my soul,

Your heart, your soul,

Our heart, our soul,


Deconstructed broderie anglaise, child's dress; embroidered labels; voile; aluminium tubing.




"Our heart, our soul" responds to my first visit to St John's Churchyard, late on a cold, wet winter's day. I was struck by the sanctuary afforded and, whilst there, a few men, (likely homeless) gathered, talking, on the church steps, gaining protection from both the weather and the 'busyness' of the world beyond.

The form of the work echoes the Jewish wedding 'chuppah', symbolizing the Jewish home. This "home" lacks furniture, reminding us that the basis of a home is the people within it.

The deconstructed baby dress hints at every child (all of us someone's baby once), including those who suffer a problematic life, whether through homelessness, or the myriad of difficulties with which people live. The embroidered naming of the parts echoes the cataloguing of people by type or situation, rather than by individuality.

As is often the case, as I worked on the piece, materials prompted ideas and changes.  Through this working process, after the canopy was made, the nature of the supports changed, developing into the final piece.  This includes the bandages, 'binding' the joints and the 'scars' mending the 'slashed' places on the fabric.

See page 'Nothing Endures but Change' - 1 for images